LITORALFISH PESCADO CONGELADO S.A.’s mission is to produce and sell fresh and frozen fish products, with the highest quality and food safety level, respecting the applicable legal requirements.


The Administration disposes the necessary human, financial and infrastructure resources, in order to be a profitable and sustainable Organization, from the economic, financial and environmental perspective, sustaining its policy based on the following purposes:


  • To apply the good practices on the manufacturing and the fish processes, and also to ensure that the personal hygiene is understood as crucial to everyone, from workers, visitors, to service providers.

  • To identify the potential hazards to take the necessary preventive measures to prevent incidents, and to put in place a surveillance system to control the critical points, regarding the HACCP principles and ISO 22000 additional FSSC 22000 requirements and ISO/TS 22000 2-1 technical specifications.

  • To dispose our customers differentiated products and services in order to meet the market needs, regarding the customer satisfaction.

  • To promote a safe and healthy work environment, with high professionalism, ethic, accuracy and teamwork spirit.

  • To develop social responsibility activities within their local community and workers, donating and offering good and preserving Litoralfish’s products.

  • To dispose workers’ proper training, in order to improve skills and an effective and responsible performance of their activities.

  • To ensure our customers, suppliers and service providers, the respect for the taken commitments, favoring the steady relationships and mutual benefits.

  • To take an effective communication policy, such as internal and external, allowing us to address in due time the various requests and complaints from different backgrounds.

  • To direct the organic and inorganic wastes, outsourcing to competent entities for this purpose.

  • To evaluate and improve continuously the results, regarding the Food Safety System.



The Organization’s Policy is common knowledge to every Litoralfish’s worker, and it is provided to all parties concerned (customers, suppliers, official entities and general society).


Sines, 21st October 2016, R4


Cláudia Louro