"Sabor A_MAR"

Trust . Quality . Innovation . Know How . Sustainability . Responsibility


Litoralfish Pescado Congelado, S.A. is a specialized industry in fish processing and freezing.

We are sited in Sines, over 3 km from the fishing port, which allows us to have products with great freshness and quality, on an everyday basis, and keeping its properties until it is consumed.
We want to be a Reference of Prestige in the Market of Frozen Fish using our products’ quality, for this is the only way to sustain our activity’s growth, both nationally and internationally.


·        We guarantee high ethic, transparency and humility in all of our corporate businesses, as well as the respect for taken commitments, focusing on the consistent and of mutual benefit relationships.

·         We produce and provide products that comply with all the demands of Quality and Food Safety, allowing to increase the perception of our value on the Market.

·        We offer distinctive products and services, committed to fulfil the new demands, overcoming and anticipating whenever it’s possible, the expectations from our clients/costumers. With all the necessary equipment, we can perform all of the fish’s process, from freezing to processing, packaging and storage. Depending on the client’s choice, we are ready to pack in thermosealed bags, in thermoformed bags, in vacuum bags, in plastic food trays, on second skin, or simply in bulk, either whole or steak.

·        Our company undertake an environmental attitude, responsible and guided towards the protection and preservation of the environment, using responsibly our Natural Resources.

·        We encourage knowledge and research regarding the good practices, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness.

·        Litoralfish promotes a healthy work environment, with high professionalism, ethic, accuracy and team work. We want to have a crucial and responsible role, recognized by the community where we belong.


Included in the Vasco Louro's group, that has a modern fleet of its own, has more than 25 years of experience in the field of the fresh fish. Located in MARL., both with the wholesale and retail, particularly on the retail establishments called A Nossa Peixaria, Lda.

We are committed to assure a wide variety of products, with excellent quality at its best prices.